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the old spy phone from Club Penguin has been changed into a new one for the new agency

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Q: Where is the old spy phone club penguin?
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Where do you get the spy phone pin?

At club Penguin! At club Penguin!

What is spy phone in club penguin?

a spyphone is a phone on club penguin epf agents use

On club penguin epf mission 1 were is the old spy phone?

the old spyphone has been replaced

Club penguin what is in the spy phone diagram?

you can unlock the spy phone when your penguin is 30 days old which means you can teleport to places including the HQ but you will have to answera couple of questions first by the way my club penguin user name is Hoyin The 1st

Where do you get a wrench on your spy phone in club penguin?

You can't now but you could before May 2010 when we had the old spy phones

How do you find scissors in club penguin?

There are in your spy phone.

Where is the spy phone in Club Penguin?

on the side of your screen

Where is the PSA spy phone on club penguin?

in the mine

How do you get to tools an the new club penguin spy phone?

You can't because you ddon't need to, if you do previous missions you will have the old phone

How do you get the old spy phone on club penguin?

You click the M up in the right and answer the test. If you answer it correctly you will get it automatically.

Where is the wrench on vegetable villain on club penguin?

On your spy phone.

Where is the spy phone on club penguin efp mission?

at the lighthouse.