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its in your spy phone just press tools

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Q: How do you get the screw in Club Penguin mission?
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How do you get a screw driver in Club Penguin?

There is no screw driver on club penguin.

Is their a secret mission in Club Penguin?

Yes there is a secret mission on Club Penguin.

Where is blue penguin team in club penguin mission?

in the mission

How do you beat mission 107 on club penguin?

I am sorry, there is no 107th mission on club penguin yet.

Where do you go to start a mission on Club Penguin?

To start a mission on club penguin you go to the P.S.A.

How do you finish mission five in Club Penguin?

To see how you can finish mission #5 in Club Penguin, see the related links. The related link below will show you how to finish every mission in Club Penguin. It is called "Mission Guides - Club Penguin Cheats.

On the club penguin mission how do you get the green penguin to give you the string?

what mission?

Is there going to be a eleventh mission on Club Penguin?

Yes, Club Penguin mentioned that there WAS going to be an eleventh mission.

Is there going to be a tenth mission on Club Penguin?

The tenth mission on Club Penguin has already been released.

How do you complete mission 12 in club penguin on the computer?

The Mission Is Not Out Yet In Club Penguin In 2010 , OK.

How do you go to mission twelve Club Penguin?

Sorry, but there isn't a mission twelve out in Club Penguin yet!

Where do you get the movie for the new Club Penguin mission?

There is no club penguin movie.