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just the spy phone screwdriver

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Q: Where are the tools to fix the telescope in Club Penguin?
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How do you fix Club Penguin telascope?

In mission 1? You get your wrench out of your spy phone from tools and use it to fix the telescope.

How do you fix telescope on club penguin ski mountain?

Use your rench to fix the telescope

How do you fix telescope in club penguin?

you go to ur spy phone and bye the exiting x it says tools and click and drap to telescope. good luck

What do you do after you fix the telescope on club penguin?

Go to the Tallest mountain.

How do you fix the telescope in Veggie villains on Club Penguin?

you have to die

On Club Penguin what gadget can fix the brown penguin's telescope?

The wrench in your spy phone...

What do you do after you fix his telescope on club penguin?

YOU USE the wrench in your spy phone,.

How do you fix sad guy in mission 1 in club penguin?

The sad guy is crying because his telescope is broken. Get out your spy phone from the menu. Use the wrench under tools and click on the telescope. The telescope will be fixed.

In Club Penguin what gadget will help fix the telescope?

The Spanner on you Spy phone.

Where is the penguin's missing piece to his telescope in Club Penguin?

NOTHING you press the tools button on your spy phone use the wrench to fix it then the dude will let you look though the scope and you'll find out the rest! :)

How do you help fix the telescope on club penguin?

To fix the telescope on Club Penguin, you can click on the telescope to examine it closely. After that, search around the Tower for a spanner or wrench that you can use to repair it. Once you find the tool, click on it and drag it over to the telescope to fix it.

On Club Penguin Mission 2 how do you fix the telescope?

find the belt from the sports shop and fix it