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there are Club Penguin hideouts for spy agents and there is the dojo hideout for ninjas :) you can get into these by asking to be a spy and earning your belt :) :)

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Q: Where is it when you are hiding on Club Penguin?
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Where is herbert in Club Penguin?

hiding in the mine

Where is yarr hiding in Club Penguin?

Since all the puffles are hiding in the mine.He is MOST LIKELY hiding there.

Is dj candace on club penguin hiding under the metal?


Where do you find the candle at club penguin?

Its in Ski Lodge left of the sofa the scared penguin is hiding in

What is the best hiddng places on club penguin?

There's a lot of great hiding spots in Club Penguin! I would have to say that the best hiding spot in club penguin is the 2 twin trees on the bottom area of the Forest. Sometimes, I pretend I have a hammock between the twin trees!

On Club Penguin where is G hiding?

sports shop or coffee shop

Where are the penguins in Club Penguin when it says they are hiding?

They are in the EPF agents facility

On club penguin what does hiding mean?

ever played hide and seek?

How do you get to the hiding on club penguin?

To get to the hiding you must be a secret agent. The hiding is the HQ (HeadQuarters). You can get there either from the Winter Sports in the Ski Village or from the Spy Phone you get after you become an agent in the Elite Penguin Force. The HeadQuarters is known as the Hiding.

What item is always hiding every year on club penguin?

viking helmet

On club penguin ds where are the hiding puffles?

upstairs in the lodge, hidden in a box

Where is the box dimension that Herbert is hiding behind on club penguin?

in your mums tummy