How many people hate Club Penguin?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Penguins hate Club Penguin. The creators of club penguin hate club penguin. I hate club penguin, and that's all that matters. A rough estimate....OVER 9,000!!!! people hate club penguin.

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Q: How many people hate Club Penguin?
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How many people hate club penguin bay bees?

Everyone, they are so annoying. So theres your answer!

How many people play Club Penguin?

120,000,000 people play club penguin!

Is Club Penguin better than Runesape?

many people like Club Penguin better than Runescape and no people like Runescape more than Club Penguin.

How many people use club penguin in the UK?

Last summer, 750.000 people in the UK played Club Penguin.

How many people doesn't have membership on club penguin?

Less than 2% of people who are on club penguin don't have a membership

How many people have a Club Penguin?


What is prizerebel on Club Penguin?

PrizeRebel and Club Penguin are two different websites. Many people use PrizeRebel to gain free Club Penguin memberships.

How many people belong to Club Penguin?

As of December 2011, there are over 150 million profiles on Club Penguin.

How many people are on Club Penguin on January 1 2001?

None. Club Penguin was not released until 2005.

How many people work at Club Penguin?


How many people play on club penguin?


How many penguins are threre in Club Penguin?

There are 240 million people on club penguin, so that many penguins. There are also 2 people registering every second.