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in many places around Club Penguin, such as the sewers..

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Q: Where is the secret underground entreance on club penguin once you become a spy?
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How many days old do you have to be to become a secret agent in Club Penguin?

In order to become a secret agent in Club Penguin, your penguin must be a full 30 days old

Is there a secret mision on Club Penguin?

yes, there is, if you become a secret agent

How do you become the president of Club Penguin?

There is no president in Club Penguin but you can join the secret agent club.

What do you do when become a secret agent on club penguin?

You do the missons at the HQ

Where on club penguin is the secret underground passage?

It's in the plaza in the silver thing in front of the pet shop.

How do you help G in Club Penguin?

You become a secret agent and you do the missions.

What do you have to say to become a secret agent on club penguin?

you take a test

Is there a secret place in Club Penguin that no one in Club Penguin no's?

yes there is! I'm from penguin club and yes, there IS a such place. But I don't know about it because it's a secret. Improved answer: There is one place that you can only go to if your a secret agent. Its....a secret!! Become an agent if ya wanna know.

Where's some secret rooms in Club Penguin?

All of the secret rooms are... EPF Command Room, Secret Ninja Hideout, Iceberg, Underground Pool, Boiler Room, PSA Head Quarters from older years, Underground Mine, The Hidden Lake, and the Command Room.

How do become a free agant for free in club penguin?

You must be 30 days old. When you log in and play as your penguin, there will be an "M" at the TOP RIGHT. Click on it. Then click on "Become a Secret Agent, pass the quiz, then, you're a secret agent!

How do you become a secret anget on club penguin?

first you make sure your penguin is 30 days old then then go to the m on the top right corner then take the quiz if its good reasons you answered you'll become a secret agent

How do you become a secret sgent in Club Penguin?

click on the M in the upper right hand corner of your page and click "become a secret agent" and take the quiz