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Q: Where is the secret entrance to the underground on club penguin?
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Where is the secret underground entreance on club penguin once you become a spy?

in many places around club penguin, such as the sewers..

How do you get to the secret entrance to the underground to get a stamp on club penguin?

Easy!!! What you do is you go to the plaza... Look for a "pot-hole" on the side walk in the middle of the puffle place and the stage. Waddle over to the whole, click on it, and your underground! Have fun!!!

Where is the secret entrance in the sport shop on club penguin?

it is the closest dressing room to the door.(it doesn't work if your not a secret agent)

In club penguin elite penguin force where is the secret puffle entrance?

click the walls. put the pin on the marking you find, and put it in the right place. the entrance will pop out.

Secret ski patrol entrance on club penguin?

To get the secret ski potrol you have to meet gary and get his back round. SORRY IF YOU CANT FIND HIM!

Where on club penguin is the secret underground passage?

It's in the plaza in the silver thing in front of the pet shop.

Is their a secret mission in Club Penguin?

Yes there is a secret mission on Club Penguin.

How do you turn inivisble on club penguin?

You have to become a member and a fire ninja then buy the suit out of the book inside the secret entrance.

What is the secret code to the secret room on club penguin?

There are two secret rooms in club penguin, which one are you talking about?

Where is the lounge in Club Penguin elite penguin force?

If you go into the secret agent room. Look for a closet, its the secret entrance. but you have to have played elite force online or enter the coin code that came with ds game.

Are there tasks on Club Penguin?

There are tasks on Club Penguin if you are a secret agent.

Where is the hidden entrance in the forest on club penguin?

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