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penguin secret agency

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Q: What does psa stand for in club penguin?
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What does the psa standfor in Club Penguin?

PSA stands for Penguin Secret Agency. It used to be the secret agency of club penguin before it got destroyed and was replaced by the EPF.

What are medals on Club Penguin?

you get them for PSA missions

How do you get the Fish Catlogue in Club Penguin?

you can't anymore because that was psa and the psa is destroyed.

Where is the PSA spy phone on club penguin?

in the mine

How do you get the old PSA phone on club penguin?

You can't! The PSA was destroyed by Herbert in 2010! Now the PSA is shut.

What is the psa code on club penguin?

The PSA no longer exists! The EPF has taken it's place.

What is the directors password on club penguin from psa?

There is no penguin that is the director. He is only in mission 10

On club penguin what is the name of the mission in mission 12?

the psa in trouble

How do you get upgraded from the PSA to EPF in club penguin?

get someone to send you a postcard.

How do you find the target and crab on club penguin?

on a psa mission 'clockwork repairs'

Club Penguin - Book Codes - What word is on page 44 one from the left on line eighteen on Club Penguin Secret Agent Hand Book?

the answer is: the or PSA

How do you make super corn in club penguin?

You can't do that, only Herbert does that to destroy the PSA.