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land marks are the burnin rubber game symbols covered in what looks like rock,you have to shoot them many times as you are in front of them to remove the rock.there is 1 in each area.

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Q: Where are the landmarks of burnin rubber 4?
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What happens when you find all the landmarks in burnin rubber 4?

it will allow you to teleport through each safe house at different stages

How do you teleport in burnin rubber 4?

You find all five landmarks. Then when you press 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, you can teleport from safehouse to safehouse.

Is there an update for burnin' rubber 4?

Yes. Burnin' Rubber 4 Game of the Year Edition.

Will there be a burnin' rubber 4?


How do you get the robot in Burnin' Rubber 4?

to get the robot in Burnin' Rubber 4, you have to complete all the tickets and defeat the final boss to get the robot

How do we get a tank in Burnin' Rubber 4?

To get a tank, you must finish Burnin' Rubber 3. (I ask question but I answer it myself :D )

Where are the tickets for burnin rubber 4?

some where

Where is rush hour ticket in burnin rubber 4?


Where are the tickets in burnin rubber 4?

you find it yourself

Burnin Rubber 3 and 4 - Any Cool Stuff?

Yes there is. Burnin Rubber 3 & 4 have alot of secrets. Here are the following: 1 Burnin Rubber 3 Monkey - It is in Jungle Battlerace in Africa. Right of the red van. 2 Burnin Rubber 3 Pig - It is in King City Battlerace in Asia. After the first line of coins, turn right instead of left and squeeze through the arrows. 3 Burnin Rubber 3 Helicopter - Find all the hidden packages to unlock the helicopter. 4 Burnin Rubber 4 Landmarks - Get them all to be able to use 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 to teleport to areas. The landmarks are the large rocky signs covered in rock. Shoot it to clear the rocks off and theres a landmark. 5 Burnin Rubber 4 Tank - Want to get a tank? Not the tank-car, A big one. If you complete Burnin Rubber 3 then start over burnin rubber 4, it'll say stuff about it. The tank is huge and bashes stuff around. You can't upgrade it nor change guns, but you got 4 cool colours and the big boom gun and mini gun. 6 Burnin Rubber 4 Helicopter - Most of you know that Burnin rubber 4 has been recently changed. Go to the docks area, (keep going up the road from the gun shop in the city) and you can go on a new boat, steer a helicopter, and others. The helicopter controls are like a car except use space to go up, and shift to go down. 7 Burnin Rubber 4 Cash Stashes - Cash Stashes are cool. Sometimes I wonder why they are in the middle of the road because it is 50 grand! The docks cash stashes I know are in the big chimnys, go down with the helicopter. 8 Burnin Rubber 4 Free Nitro - Don't bother getting nitro at the weapon store, Just go to the jungle area and climb the mountain near the bridge and get the trophy. Once you have, press A at any time for unlimited Nitro.

Where are the tickets for burning rubber 4?

They are all around the map in the game "Burnin' Rubber 4"

Where is the ticket in burnin rubber 4?

There more than one ticket in Burnin' rubber 4. They are also hidden (e.g Behind a house/building) in every world. , Klmjetwork .