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just trade from someone else

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Q: How do you get Deoxys and jirachi on Pokemon ruby without cheats?
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How do you get jirachi without cheats in emerald?

you need Pokemon channel for gamecube and you get Jirachi as a bonus.

How do you get a jirachi and Deoxys?

Jirachi is one of the hardest Pokemon to obtain. Here are ways how you get it: Pokemon Colleseum bonus disc Pokemon event Pokemon channel Other downloads Trade Illegal cheats: gameshark codes etc. (not recommended)

How do you catch Deoxys in Pokemon FireRed without cheats?

You can't.

How do you get jirachi in Pokemon sapphire without cheats?

Pokemon Channel, Pokemon Colosseum Bonus Disk, or Nintendo event.

How do you catch all the 202 Pokemon in emerald without cheats?

Trade from Ruby and Sapphire is a must, how ever jirachi and deoxys can't be obtained without going to events but the u.s.a no longer holds gameboy advance events, however it is possible to obtain every other Pokemon legit

Where can you catch a Deoxys in Pokemon diamond by using cheats?

No you can't catch deoxys by using cheats

How do you catch mew celebi jirachi deoxys lugia and ho oh without using cheats or going to live events?

You can trade for them. That's all I can say.

How do you get Deoxys in Pokemon Emerald GBA?


Are there any Xploder SP cheats to download Jirachi or Deoxys to Pokemon Ruby or Sapphire?

This is the publisher of this question Yes there are, ive found them on they have Xploder codes for EVERY SINGLE POKEMON EVER! (1-351)

How do you catch Jirachi on Pokemon Emerald without using cheats?

You must have a preordered Pokemon Colosseum disk. Or Pokemon Channel in Australia, Etc. Look it up.

How do you catch a jirachi in Pokemon pearl no cheats?

u can't

How do you get Celebi and Jirachi in Pokemon FireRed?

I do not want cheats that do not work