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you need Pokemon channel for gamecube and you get Jirachi as a bonus.

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Q: How do you get jirachi without cheats in emerald?
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How do you catch jirachi in emerald without cheats?

you dont

On Pokemon emerald is their a way to get deoxes jirachi mew and celbi without cheats or trade?

well,i cant think you could but you can catch the regies answer no

Can you catch jirachi in Pokemon emerald?

No, unless you use cheats or trade it from another game.

How do you catch Jirachi on Pokemon Emerald without using cheats?

You must have a preordered Pokemon Colosseum disk. Or Pokemon Channel in Australia, Etc. Look it up.

Is jirachi available to catch in Pokemon emerald?

No, not without cheating.

Can you get jirachi in emerald without event and game shark or ar?

No, Jirachi is only available by Nintendo events or by cheating.

How do you get Jirachi without cheats on ruby?

You cant catch jirachi in Ruby,Sapphire,Emerald,LeafGreen, FireRed, Pearl or Diamond, without using cheats, or attending certain special events. HOWEVER You can still get jirachi into your game. First off you need a Nintendo Gamecube with Pokemon Colleseum and its LIMITED release bonus disc. (Try eBay if you don't have it) Once you have this you simply connect your gameboy and trade away. Its difficult, expenisive, and mostly pointless, HOWEVER you can do it -----> afrony!!~

How do you get Deoxys and jirachi on Pokemon ruby without cheats?

just trade from someone else

How do you get a shiny Pokemon in emerald without cheats?

Without cheats they randomly appear in the wild or hatch from eggs.

Can you get all pokemons without cheats in Pokemon emerald?

no no

Get jirachi without a gameshark in Pokemon emerald?

go to mirage island seem de by:bubly

How do you get valuable Pokemon without cheats in emerald?

i don't have emerald but the valuable Pokemon is rayquaza