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Adobe Shockwave 11.6

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Q: Which shockwave player is needed for playing burnin rubber 4?
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Why do you need shockwave player on your computer?

One does not need Shockwave Player for everyday computer use. However, it is needed for many high speed video games and media rich presentations. If a computer doesn't have it pre-installed, it can be downloaded from Adobe.

How do you download shockwave?

Adobe Shockwave Player can be downloaded from Adobe's website.

How do you install Adobe Shockwave in Google Chrome?

Adobe Flash Player (aka "Macromedia Flash Player";"Macromedia Shockwave";"Adobe Shockwave") is preinstalled in Google Chrome, therefore there is no need to install it

How do you open shockwave flash objects?

Shockwave flash object files, which usually have the extension .swf, can be opened using Adobe Shockwave Player. swf files can also be played using VLC player.

Is it good to get Adobe Shockwave for Macs?

The Shockwave player allows users to use content created with Adobe's Director software embedded in a web page. If you are visiting websites that require the Shockwave player then it will be necessary to install the player to use the content on the site. If you do not encounter such websites there is no need to install Shockwave. (See links below)

Where can one purchase a shockwave player?

One can purchase a shockwave player on the internet. It can actually be downloaded for free right from the website so in reality there is no purchase necessary.

Can you get the shockwave player for itouch?

It's I Pod Touch.

Where can you get free shockwave and flash player for Wii?

you cant

Does installing adobe shockwave player harm your computer?

nope, i have it. i've had no problems with it

Burnin rubber 3?

Burnin Rubber 3 is a game that can be played on the web. This game is full of fast cars and obstacle courses' that will keep a player on their toes.

Does Habbo US need adobe shockwave player to work?

Yes, all Habbo servers need shockwave to access the client.

Is Adobe shockwave player 10.4 safe to download?