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some where

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Q: Where are the tickets for burnin rubber 4?
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Where are the tickets in burnin rubber 4?

you find it yourself

How do you get the robot in Burnin' Rubber 4?

to get the robot in Burnin' Rubber 4, you have to complete all the tickets and defeat the final boss to get the robot

Where are the tickets for burning rubber 4?

They are all around the map in the game "Burnin' Rubber 4"

Where are the tickets on burnin rubber 4?

In every world, in unexpected places ;)

How do you beat burnin rubber 4?

find and complete all tickets

Is there an update for burnin' rubber 4?

Yes. Burnin' Rubber 4 Game of the Year Edition.

How many areas are there in burnin rubber 4?

There are 5 areas.The Docks.Snow Peak - This place requires 7 tickets to unlock.The Jungle - This place requires 10 tickets to unlock, the biggest amount of tickets in the game.Big Rock (the desert) including The City. All up, burnin rubber 4 has 5 areas and this is the first area to unlock, then the snow peak and lastly the jungle.

Will there be a burnin' rubber 4?


Where are all the area one tickets for burnin rubber 4?

the first one is in one of the forts in the abandoned military base in big rock.

How do we get a tank in Burnin' Rubber 4?

To get a tank, you must finish Burnin' Rubber 3. (I ask question but I answer it myself :D )

How do you get cars in burnin rubber 4?

There are 2 ways to get cars in burnin rubber 4.Either complete the boss tickets one by one....or complete a special mission. You must come first in the special mission to unlock the new cars and earn more money. If you do not come first, you will get nothing. : (

Where is the blizzard tickets in burnin' rubber 4?

Go to snow peak Where the bride is turn right and go forwaqrd till you find the other Evwala the ticket