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Witchme will be back in September.

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Q: When will witchme social game be back?
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Why did witchme closed down?

because lots if people got on it so its not working you can contact them and tell them its not working it might help so witchme comes back if its closed forever R.I.P WITCHME!! :( i loved that game

Why cant you go on witchme social game?

Because they're updating it will come up next year and if it doesn't,it is shut down.

Is WitchMe fun?

Yes, WitchMe is very fun.

How do you get banned in witchme?

You cannot get banned from witchme. Thats why hackers sell their clothes and spend stupid stuff with there money.

How do you get a house on witchme?

you get houses automatically you just a house

Who does pucca1276 like in witchme?

it is a secret. you should not ask about it because it is her secret

Is there any games like witchme?

I know only these:ChobotsFantageWaretraialGirlsengHabbo-HotelHibiSikiWikiTimjitOnly these,I am a child.Hope you enjoy these games!!

Who are some famous people on witchme?

vickycool1, EARTHAYY, Greenbead ,fantagesky64, misuzu, YlaiJah, xMikuHatsune etc.

How do you change your password on witchme?

When you click and see the log in page click on forget your password? and complete the bottom . It will send to your email. Enjoy!

What social classes was Olmec social divided into?

Ball Game

How long do you have to wait before you can type your facebook code in after having reached the security code limit.?

I don't do Facebook. I do WitchMe. so I don't know. not sorry!

What is a fun virtual world for 9 year old girls?

probably witchme, clubpenguin, fantage, weeworld, boombang, horseisle, and, habbo there the only one i can think of