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Omg srry but you cant get youre save game back ;/

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Q: You deleted zombie farm and lost your saved game how do you get it back?
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How do you change zombie farm 2 profiles back to zombie farm 1 profiles?

you cant .....

How do you get zombie farm back to normal when it crashes?

you don't :]

Is it okay to delete Zombie Farm after you download Zombie Farm 2?


What does the zombie sign do on zombie farm?


How do you get the banners on zombie farm?

To get that farm banner on Zombie Farm, you've got to win an invasion and have some luck with the loot you get.

How do you get the tree of wisdom in zombie farm?

You cant. Thats in Plants vs. zombies, not zombie farm.

How do get a cupid zombie on zombie farm?

shot it with an arrow

Where is the zombie camera on zombie farm?

You buy it from the store.

How do you make a 3 mutation zombie in Zombie farm?

surround the zombie with plants

How do you make a Zombee on zombie farm?

Combine flower zombie with flower zombie.

What happens if you mix the flower zombie with the girl zombie on zombie farm?

you get a zombutterfly

Are there zombie farm cheats?

Heres a cheat, you can plant some crops or some zobies (as much as you want) and then go to the settings and change the time to the time it needs to grow, then go back to zombie farm and everything has grown! :]