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Unown (often wrongly spelled as Unknown) is a Pokemon in the Pokemon series. If you catch one of every type, a new part of their cave will be opened.

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Q: What to do with the unknowns you catch in diamond?
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How do you beat the maniac in diamond?

catch all the unknowns

Witch shiny Pokemon are easiest to catch in diamond?

id say unknowns ive caght at least 5 different unknowns that r shiny

How do you catch unknowns?

In Pokemon diamond/pearl go to Solocoan town and go to the ruins and in heart gold and soul silver you need to solve one of the tiles

Where are the unknowns in pearl AND Pokemon Diamond?

In the solaceon ruins

What happens if you catch all the unknowns?

nothing you just have them

What is in the weepth chamber in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You catch unknowns.

What happens when you catch all the unknowns in Pokemon LeafGreen?


Where can you catch Pokemon unknowns?

in the ruins of alpha after you solve the puzzles

What do I do when you catch unknowns in Pokemon platinum?

yes in the Solaceon Ruins

What happens after you catch all the unknowns?

you can read the unknown and you unlock ? and ! unknown

How many unknowns do you have to catch in hg to get Arceus?

You dont get arceus sorry

Can you catch raikui in diamond?

No, But you can catch one in Firered and then Migrate it to Diamond