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you can read the unknown and you unlock ? and ! unknown

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Q: What happens after you catch all the unknowns?
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What happens if you catch all the unknowns?

nothing you just have them

What happens when you catch all the unknowns in Pokemon LeafGreen?


How do you beat the maniac in diamond?

catch all the unknowns

What happens if you get all the unknowns?

they give you a legendary

What happens when you catch all 26 Unknowns?

In the games that came before heartgold and soulsilver, I don't believe anything special happens. In Heartgold and Soulsilver, you can now catch the last 2 unown (the "!" and the "?") in the Hall Of The Ruins Of Alph. Then the scientist that gave you the unown recorder comes out and gives you a pat on the back...

What is in the weepth chamber in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You catch unknowns.

What happens when you get all 26 unknown in fire red?

Nothing is known about what happens after achieving capture of all 26 Unknowns. Sorry to disappoint.

What happens when you get all 28 unknowns in Pokemon soul silver?

you battle celibe level 5

What do I do when you catch unknowns in Pokemon platinum?

yes in the Solaceon Ruins

Where can you catch Pokemon unknowns?

in the ruins of alpha after you solve the puzzles

In Pokemon soul sliver how do you get through the ruins of alph without surf or stengh?

read the wall and catch all the unknowns

After you catch all the unknowns?

Once you catch all of the Uknown, you can go to the town with the day care and go to one of the houses and trade them in for letter seals. other than that they don't unlock anything.