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id say unknowns ive caght at least 5 different unknowns that r shiny

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Q: Witch shiny Pokemon are easiest to catch in diamond?
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How do you catch the diamond Pokemon?

wat do you mean "how do you catch diamond Pokemon"?you catch Pokemon with pokeballs

What is the easiest way to catch Giratina on Pokemon diamond?

If you havn't used you marster ball yet use it

What is the easiest way to catch mightyena on Pokemon diamond?

migrate from another game and then cathching it in pal park

Can PokΓ©mon can you catch in PokΓ©mon diamond?

yes, you can catch Pokemon in Pokemon diamond

How to catch Palkia in Pokemon Diamond?

You cannot catch Palkia in Pokemon Diamond

How do you catch celibi on pokemon diamond?

You cannot catch Celebi in Pokemon Diamond.

What are all the legandary pokemon in diamond?

well in Pokemon diamond it can be possible to catch all of them but the easiest ones are dialga,shaymin,mesprit,and the other two lake Pokemon i cant remember the names.

What is the hardest Pokemon to catch in Pokemon Diamond?

A Pokemon's catch rate can range from 3 (hardest to catch) to 255 (easiest to catch). Hardest to catch (catch rate = 3): - Uxie - Mesprit - Azelf - Heatran - Regigigas - Giratina - Cresselia - Manaphy - Darkrai - Arceus Easier to catch (catch rate = 30): - Dialga (& Palkia) Easiest Sinnoh legendary to catch (catch rate = 45): - Shaymin

Where to catch makuhita in Pokemon Diamond?

You can catch makuhita in the fighting area in Pokemon diamond

On Pokemon diamond how do you catch mespirit?

well the easiest way is to use the masterball Cyrus gives you and catch dialga palkia and girantina with ultra balls

Is Pokemon Pearl better the diamond?

neither of them is better, they are both the same, but in diamond, you catch dialga, and in pearl, you catch palkia, and you can catch different Pokemon in each game for example: you can catch this Pokemon in diamond, but not pearl but: you can catch this different Pokemon in pearl, but not diamond

How do you catch Palkia on diamond?

You cannot catch Palkia on Pokemon Diamond and you cannot catch Dialga on Pokemon Pearl.

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