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on fire red good rod or great rod will catch goldeen but goldeen is usually only on level 5.

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Q: What rod catches goldeen on Pokemon FireRed?
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What Can good rod catch in FireRed?

goldeen is one of the Pokemon

Where do you get goldeen in Pokemon Yellow?

fish for it with good rod

Where can you find a goldeen in Pokemon diamond?

in most lakes with your good rod

What Pokemon can you catch with good rod in Pokemon SoulSilver?

magickarp goldeen psyduck hope this helps :)

Which Pokemon can you catch with the good rod in Pokemon pearl?

Well You catch Magikarp, Goldeen, Finneon, Psyduck.

What Pokemon can you catch with a good rod?

krabby,goldeen(in fustra something city) Pokemon leaf green :) and I forget. :(

Can you get grimer with the old rod in Pokemon FireRed?

No you find it in Pokemon mansion.

How do you get a ultra rod in Pokemon FireRed?

There is no ultra rod only old rod. good rod, and super rod

How shelder can be caught in Pokemon FireRed?

Yes by good rod or super rod

Where do you get a horsea in Pokemon FireRed?

You have to get a Super Rod and fish for it.

Where do you find the old rod in Pokemon firered?

It is at vermilion city.

Where can you get the good rod in Pokemon FireRed?

i don't no.uehuhuugguyrfhqgyhydhgtrydrd in saffron.