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You don't want the old rod. It only catches Magicarp.

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Q: How do you get the old rod in Pokemon gold version?
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Were can you find Abra in Pokemon gold version?

in golden rod city

Can you fish a remoraid with an old rod in Pokemon gold?


Can you get poliwag by fishing with an old rod in Pokemon Blue version?


Where is the old rod in Gold version?

Near Union Cave which is south of Violet City there is a Pokemon Center and inside there you should find a fisherman right by the nurse. Speak to him and say Yes to his question to obtain the Old Rod.

Where do you get the old rod in gold?

Talk to a fisherman inside the Pokemon Center on Route 32.

Where do you find the bad rod in Pokemon HeartGold?

There is only old, good, and super rods in Pokemon Heart Gold.

What kind of water Pokemon can you catch with the old rod on Pokemon heart gold?

Answer:Mainly level 10 Magikarp.

Where do you get the gold rod in gold version?

up youre toilet

How do you get in to the gym 8 in Pokemon Gold version?

go back to golden rod citygo to the radio station beat team rocket

Using old rod in Pokemon Ruby?

Using the Old Rod in Pokemon Ruby (or any Pokemon game for that matter) will get you a Magikarp as that is the only Pokemon an Old Rod can catch.

Where do you get the old rod in white?

you cant get the old rod in Pokemon black or Pokemon white

Where is the old rod in Pokemon Black?

The Old Rod is unobtainable in Pokemon Black and White.