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The old rod is south of the city with the Sprout Tower in a Pokemon Center The Good rod is in the city with the Lighthouse in a house with a fisherman who gives it to you (i think)

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Q: Where do find the fishing rods in Pokemon gold?
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Where do you find the fishing rods on Pokemon LeafGreen?

Talk to the Fishing Guru.

Where do you find fishing rods in Pokemon firered?

Around kanto certain fisherman give you fishing rods.

Where do you fin d the fishing rods on Pokemon emerald?

you get the fishing rods from fishermen.

How do you find dragonair in Pokemon diamond?

Mt. Coronet you might need to use one of the fishing rods

Do you use a fishing pole to catch whiscash?

Fishing pole? You use a Super Rod to catch it. There is no fishing poles Pokemon,only Old Rods,Good rods, and of course Super Rods.

My fishing rods arent catching any Pokemon in Pokemon sapphire. can you help me?

Maybe its the environment or its because your rods is weak

Where do you find the bad rod in Pokemon HeartGold?

There is only old, good, and super rods in Pokemon Heart Gold.

How do you get water Pokemon?

You have to surf with one of your Pokemon or go fishing with one of the three rods.

Where to find Jim Moyer fishing rods?

Jim Moyer fishing rods are no longer being manufactured in the United States. You may be able to find used rods on trading websites.

How do you get fishing rods on Pokemon Silver version?

in lots of places. lol

Where can you get all three fishing rods in Pokemon platinum?

canalave city

Why on the pokedex of Pokemon Firered syas that some Pokemon appear on Celadon City?

Because there's water in celadon city if you use fishing rods in the water you can actually find pokemon!