What Can good rod catch in FireRed?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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goldeen is one of the Pokemon

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Q: What Can good rod catch in FireRed?
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How do you catch staryu on Pokemon FireRed?

use good rod on route 19

With what rod you can catch poliwag in Pokemon fire red?

good rod or super rod next to bills house.You can also catch a Poliwhirl there.Poliwag is not in leafgreen you get horsea instead via the good rod and super rod. To get poliwag trade one from firered.

What rod catches goldeen on Pokemon FireRed?

on fire red good rod or great rod will catch goldeen but goldeen is usually only on level 5.

How do you catch a good rod in Pokemon firered?

from the man in the house on the right in fushia city (the city with the safari)

How do you catch krabby in Pokemon FireRed?

It's only available in leaf green. use the good rod Actually YES you can catch Krabby in fire red, they' re just uncommon, and you catch them with good rods.A Krabby is easiest to catch using a Good Rod. It can be obtained in Fuchsia City at the Fishing Guru's house. Nearby, at the beach south of Fuschia, about a fifth of the catches will be a Krabby. It can be caught at the edge of almost any water with waves that you are allowed to fish on. Using a Super Rod to catch a Krabby in FireRed is very difficult, if not impossible. In FireRed at least, they are generally level 6-15, too weak for a Super Rod.

How do you catch a pollywag on Pokemon FireRed?

Using the good rod or super rod in vermilion city's small body of water will every now and then get you poliwag or even poliwhirl.

How do you get surfing Pokemon in firered version?

Catch a Magikarp. Use the fishing rod on any water and catch it.

How do you catch Dragonair in the safari zone on Pokemon firered?

you use a super rod

In Pokemon FireRed where do you catch dragonair?

try looking in the safari zone with a super rod. there is a 1% chance of finding one! good luck

How do you get a ultra rod in Pokemon FireRed?

There is no ultra rod only old rod. good rod, and super rod

Where do you get the good rod in pokemon firered?

The good rod is in Fuschia city next to Warden's house.

Where do you catch Crabby in Pokemon FireRed?

in water almost everywhere, if u already got good n super rod just keep playing