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There is no ultra rod only old rod. good rod, and super rod

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2009-10-10 02:40:59
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Q: How do you get a ultra rod in Pokemon FireRed?
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Where do you find the ultra rod in Pokemon FireRed?

There is no "ultra rod". Only old, super, & good.

How do you get an ultra rod in Pokemon Yellow?

there is no ultra rod in Pokemon Yellow. the rods that you may obtain are old rod, good rod and super rod.

Where is the ultra rod in Pokemon diamond?

no such thing as an 'ultra rod.' there is a such thing as a 'super rod' though.

Where do you get ultra balls on Pokemon FireRed?

In a shop

Where do you get the ultra rod in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Ultra rod is not available in Leaf Green. The super rod is the best rod in the game.

How do you get an ultra rod on Pokemon emerald?

there's no ultra rod there's only a old rod,good rod, & super rod..veronica

Where do you get an ultra rod in Pokemon FireRed?

You mean super rod? It iss given to you by a fisherman in a house on the bridge in beteween lavender and fushia. SOrry but you are wrong. To get the ultra rod, you must talk 100 times to the younger fishing guru (the one that gave you the super rod). With the ultra rod you can even catch items such as tm's. Don't forget to bring him his gigantic magikarp ;) :P .

How do you get an ultra rod in Pokemon LeafGreen?


Can you get grimer with the old rod in Pokemon FireRed?

No you find it in Pokemon mansion.

How shelder can be caught in Pokemon FireRed?

Yes by good rod or super rod

Where do you get a horsea in Pokemon FireRed?

You have to get a Super Rod and fish for it.

Where can you get the good rod in Pokemon FireRed?

i don't no.uehuhuugguyrfhqgyhydhgtrydrd in saffron.

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