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Well You catch Magikarp, Goldeen, Finneon, Psyduck.

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Q: Which Pokemon can you catch with the good rod in Pokemon pearl?
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Do you catch a Feebas with a super rod for Pokemon Pearl?

No, try the good rod.

Where to catch poliwag on Pokemon Pearl?

You can catch it in route 225, in the water, but make sure to use good rod not super rod or old rod

How can you catch a remoraid in Pokemon pearl?

Use a good rod in any of the places it says in the pokedex. To catch an Octilery, use a super rod. (Octilery evolves from Remoraid)

Where do you catch barboch with a good rod on Pokemon Pearl?

To catch Barboach with a good rod in Pokemon pearl, go to route 205, 208, 210, 212, 227, 228, Celestic town, Eterna city, great marsh, Mt coronet, Oreburgh gate, or ravaged path.

Where to catch remoraid in Pokemon Pearl?

you have to fish it with a good rod at the Pokemon league. hope this helps or at the route before sunnyshore city. !~ Emily

How do you catch the Pokemon 135 using a good rod in Pokemon pearl?

i dont think you can catch lumineon with good rod but if your working on your pokedex a trainer has lumineon (pokemon #135) if you surf up from sunyshore city then immediatly go right if she's not there keep going up a little

Where to find a good rod in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

A Good Rod is available within Roue 209 in Diamond and Pearl.

Where can you see Pokemon number 130 in Pokemon pearl?

1) catch a magicarp with an old rod 2) evolve it. or catch 130 "gyrados" with a super rod at various locations.

Do you have to ffish to catch lumineon in Pokemon pearl?

Yes, you need to use your Good Rod at the Floaroma Town side of Route 205

Pokemon pearl where is the most common tile to find feebas?

you can find feebas on the way to catch garitina diaogia and palkia you need to use a good rod to catch him

How Do you catch Qwilfish in Pokemon Pearl?

Fish for it outside of iron island with a super rod ;)

Where in Pokemon pearl can you catch a garydose?

With a super rod, you can find them in almost any waters.