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it evolve by trade with the electabuzz holding the electrilizer

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2011-10-28 04:34:05
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Q: What level does electabuz evolve in electivire?
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What does electabuz evolve into?


How do you catch electabuz in Pokemon?

Elekid evolve to electabuz in level 30

What level does electabuz evolve at?


How do you evolve electabuz in HeartGold?

You give him a electrifier to hold. Spread the words to 2007 stuff. Trade. X years later an electivire is born from electrical box.

How do you evolve a elikid?

level him to 30 and he will evolve into electabuzz then give him and electrizer and will evolve into electivire

What level will electabuzz evovle?

Electabuzz will not evolve no matter what level it is. To evolve it into an Electivire, you'll need to give it the Electirizer and then trade it.

What level does electivire learn ice punch?

Electivire cannot learn Ice Punch via Level-Up. The only way to get an Electivire with Ice Punch is to breed (with Hitmonchan or Medicham) and then evolve the hatched Elekid into an Electabuzz, then Electivire.

What level dose electabuzz evolve in soul silver?

You must have an Electrizer equiped to it and trade it. It will evolve into an Electivire.

What level does elecktabuzz evolve in Pokemon white 2?

Electabuzz can evolve into Electivire at any level since it doesn't evolve according to level, you need to trade it while it's holding an Electirizer.

In what level electabuzz evolves in Pokemon battle arena?

He doesn't evolve at a level. You need to have the item electrizer, give it to electabuzz, and trade it. Then it will evolve into electivire.

What level does electabuzz evolve in soul silver?

Electabuzz does not evolve via level up in SoulSilver.However, if you trade your Electabuzz whilst it is holding an Electerizer (or however you spell it) it will evolve into Electivire.

How do you get an electivire in platinum?

You can't get Electivire. You have to evolve Electabuzz to get Electivire. You can get Electabuzz at Route 222.

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