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you cant

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Q: How do you evolve electrabuzz into electivire in Pokemon FireRed?
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What is the evolve of electrabuzz?


Can you catch electrabuzz in Pokemon FireRed?

No, but if you trade an Elekid that's holding the item Electirizer it'll evolve into Electabuzz.

Does electrabuzz evolve?

No Electrabuzz does not evolve because something evolves into him or her.SorryEmail Me If You Think Other Pokemon Evolveemail agameiaincom@hotmail.comEMAIL MENOW!!!!!!!!!

How do you evolve electrabuzz in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You can't evolve Electabuzz in Leaf Green or Fire Red. It's evolution, Electivire, was not created until the Diamond/Pearl generation. Therefore, it's not in the national dex for FR/LG.

What level does electrabuzz evolve in Pokemon soulsilver?

You have to trade it with an Electrizer on it.

How do you evolve electrabuzz in Pokemon pearl?

You cant evolve eletrabuzz After it evolves from the first stage

What dos the electronizer do on Pokemon Diamond?

The electrizer on Pokemon Diamond is used by Electabuzz to evolve into Electivire. To get the electrizer in Pokemon Diamond you must have inserted Pokemon Firered in the game boy slot.

Can you catch an Electivire on Pokemon HeartGold?

You can not. You can, however, evolve an Electabuzz.

How do you evolve murkrow in Pokemon FireRed?

You cannot evolve Murkrow in FireRed.

Does Ditto evolve on Pokemon FireRed?

ditto does not evolve on firered or leafgreen

Can Elctabuzz evolve in Pokemon FireRed?

Electabuzz now evolves into a Pokémon called "Electivire". However, he could not evolved until game generation iv (Diamond, Pearl, HeartGold, SoulSilver and Platinum.) As a result of this, Electabuzz can not evolve in FireRed or LeafGreen.

Where is electivire in Pokemon Diamond Pokemon?

No where get an electabuzz and evolve it using some special item