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no you can't that only works on 3rd gen games such as pmd1, on pmd2 you have to evolve it to charizard and get it to level 59

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Q: Can you got to the electivire shop and get heat wave for Charmander on pmd2?
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At which levels does Charmander learn new moves?

at lvl 100 it learns heat wave but it got to be a charmander or lvl 1 go to gulpin link shop

Where can you find the move heat wave in Pokemon mystery dungoen blue rescue team?

You can learn it to a Charmander at the Gulpin Link Shop.

What is a revive robe in pmd2?

a revive robe is a 3-starred item that you can sometimes get from the croagrunk swap shop that is made specially for Deoxys.

How do you learn new moves in treasure town in Pokemon explorers of time ds game?

By electivire link shop?i by from belgium.

Where can you get a heat light for painted turtles?

the pet shop

How do you get heatwave in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon explorers of darkness?

You need to have started with or picked as a partner Torchic or Charmander Beat the regular game and wait until you can Evolve (beat Darkrai, recruit Palkia and then talk to Manaphy). Evolve your Starter/Partner to Blaziken/Charizard. Go to the Electivire link shop or whatever it's called and press Remember on your Charizard/Blaziken . Heatwave should be written in the forgotten moves list as they learn the moves at level 1? And of course it is impossible to get those pokémon at level 1 except on Zero Isle

Where do you find Dead heat in monster galaxy?

You can't really find it, you have to buy in the shop if you want Dead Heat.

How do you cook barber fish?

Bring it to the barber shop and ask them to heat it with a blower

What toy does the pronged anolly like on monster pet shop?

Heat lamp.

How do you find a dead heat on monster galaxy?

You cant find them if you want dead heat thean you would have to buy them in the shop or get flam and make it evolve into dead heat

Are there any light bulbs resistant to heat?

yes you get them from a pet shop very nice

Is there a Pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of time change hero's moves action replay codes Please respond?

I Don't Really understand the question but if u want to remember moves u could have learned before u learn them at the electivire link shop