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He doesn't evolve at a level. You need to have the item electrizer, give it to electabuzz, and trade it. Then it will evolve into electivire.

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Q: In what level electabuzz evolves in Pokemon battle arena?
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Does your Pokemon learn new moves when it evolves in Pokemon battle arena?

No I don't think they do.

When your Pokemon evolves on Pokemon battle arena doesa it learn new moves?


In Pokemon battle arena does your pokem on get new moves when it evolves?

In Pokemon Battle Arena, Pokemon only compete in battles and contests. However, they do not gain EXP or level up.

What level does cranidos evolve in Pokemon battle arena?

it evolves at lv. 30

What level baltoy evolve in Pokemon battle arena?

I do not have Pokemon Arena, but in the other Pokemon games Baltoy evolves at level 36 into Claydol. Hope this helps! Master

In Pokemon battle arena when do mareep evolve?

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it evolves at lv32 okay bye please replay

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Im not sure but I think it evolves at level 35 or 36

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AnswerI'm not quite sure what Pokemon Battle Arena is (Pokemon Battle Revolution?), but Pichu does not evolve at a certain level. Like the majority of the Baby Pokemon, Pichu evolves once it's happiness is high enough and then Leveled up.

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to get the rainbow rapidash you have to get a rainbow ponyta and evolve it. it evolves at level 50.

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