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battle trainners, and win

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Q: How do you get money in Pokemon battle arena?
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What is better the Pokemon league or Pokemon battle arena?

Pokemon battle arena is better than Pokemon league.

In Pokemon battle arena how do you get your Pokemon grow levels?

your Pokemon aren't supposed to gain exp points in the battle arena

How do you get easy money on Pokemon battle arena?

catch a dark type Pokemon (e.g murkrow) and then battle the psychic trainer. her Pokemon do no damage to it and you get 10k each battle, not to mention the very easy exp ;)

How do you breed Pokemon on Pokemon battle arena?

you dont

What level will corphish evolve in Pokemon battle arena?

Corphish is a water type of Pokemon. In Pokemon Battle Arena, it will evolve if you manage to raise it to a level 30.

How do you withdraw Pokemon in Pokemon battle arena?

it's not possible!

Are there cheats for Pokemon battle arena?


When krabby evolve in Pokemon battle arena?


How do you get to the battle arena Pokemon diamond?

there is none.

Can you get rare candies in Pokemon battle arena?


In Pokemon battle arena does your pokem on get new moves when it evolves?

In Pokemon Battle Arena, Pokemon only compete in battles and contests. However, they do not gain EXP or level up.

How do you use stones to evolve your Pokemon on Pokemon battle arena?

you cant