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Electivire cannot learn Ice Punch via Level-Up.

The only way to get an Electivire with Ice Punch is to breed (with Hitmonchan or Medicham) and then evolve the hatched Elekid into an Electabuzz, then Electivire.

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Q: What level does electivire learn ice punch?
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What level does buizel learn ice punch?

buizel doesn't learn ice punch, but floatzel can learn ice punch

When does a Hitmonchan learn Ice Punch?

It learn ice punch at level 36

What level does electabuzz learn ice punch?

He doesnt learn ice punch

What level does totodile learn ice punch?

Totodile is a water type of Pokemon which you can get as a starter in generation 2. It will not learn ice punch by leveling it.

What level does floatzel learn ice punch?

Floatzel does not learn Ice Punch when it levels up. It is a BP move. If you want it to learn Ice Punch, it has to first be a Buizel and give it the BP move. If it is already a Floatzel then it will not work.

What moves should you teach Electivire?

you should teach it earthquake, Thunderpunch, Ice Punch and cross chop to get ice punch and cross chop, breed electebuzz with a medicham and that egg will level up knowing those moves

What level does feraligatr learn ice punch?

There, Feraligatr can not learn Ice Punce Naturally You Have to learn Ice Punch By going to the move tutor Note : This only works for Pokemon Platinum, Heart Gold, and Soulsilver

What moves does electivire know if you get it off of Pokemon Battle Revolution?

Ice punch, earthquake, thunder punch, and cross chop

What level does Snorlax learn ice punch?

it cant learn it through leveling but you can if you find the move tutor

What level does todidile learn ice punch on pokemon heart gold?

It does not learn it by leveling up. For Totodile to know Ice Punch in HeartGold, one of its parents used to produce its egg must be Abomasnow.

What level does Weavile learn Ice Punch?

you have to breed a male hitmonchan/medicham that knows ice punch. breed it with a female buneary (it should know ice punch). the buneary has to breeded with a female sneasel/weavile. a sneasel will hatch from the egg. it will know ice punch.

How can floatzel learn ice punch?

Floatzel does not learn ice punch. Floatzel does not learn any ice type attacks naturally and must learn ice type moves via TM.