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use a pokemon that is a higher level than the pokemon you are facing and use "mean look".That way,the pokemon can't escape.

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Q: What item can stop Pokemon from fleeing?
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What item stops Pokemon fleeing in Pokemon soul silver?

There are no items that stop Pokemon from fleeing in battle in Pokemon soulsilver.Although this is true:You can catch a Pokemon that knows, Arena trap,and/or a Pokemon that knows mean look, such as a Ghastly.

What Pokemon prevents escapingfleeing?

Pokemon with mean look can stop Pokemon from fleeing

Does the smoke ball evolve any pokemon?

No, it is a hold item to guarantee success when fleeing from wild pokemon. It does not evolve anything.

How do you stop the foe from fleeing in Pokemon platinum?

you need a wobbufet or wynaut because they have shadow tag so put that Pokemon in the front of your party or you can get a octillery if your trying to catch a fleeing Pokemon

How do you stop mispirit Articuno moltres and Zapdos from fleeing in Pokemon platinum?

you cant stupid

Where can you find an item that prevents pokemon from fleeing in Firered?

you can ether have move like mean look or you can have a wobbufet. He has an ability that the wild pokemon can't flee

How do you make a legadary dog on Pokemon LeafGreen stop fleeing?

You either capture it, or using a Pokemon like haunter use mean look to stop it from running away.

How do you stop Cresselia from fleeing?

It will keep fleeing unless you have a Pokemon with Mean Look or something like that so it won't escape. Try catching a wild Golbat. The same is for Mespirit.

How do you stop Mesprite from fleeing in Pokemon platinum?

try using the move 'mean look' on it so it cant escape.

How do you stop mesprit from fleeing?

Have a Pokemon with the move called Mean Look, which Golbat is a primary choice to have this move. The move Mean Look prevents the Pokemon from fleeing or switching out during a battle and can be very useful in a battle like this. You cannot stop Mesprit from permanently fleeing, however. It is recommended to bring a Pokemon with any sleep status moves like: Hypnosis, Sleep Powder, Yawn, etc. to further the effect.

How do you stop latias from fleeing in Pokemon sapphire?

Try letting it sleep Then throw a Master Ball.....I tried that and it actually worked

What can stop a Pokemon from fleeing a battle?

The Pokemon move Mean Look and Spider Web Wobbuffet with Shadow Tag Trapinch, Diglet, and Dugtrio with Arena Trap