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A master ball is a great choice always but personally I would recomend to save it for later. Some other good options are using ultra and dusk balls. You can also try your luck and use great balls (I wasted 4 pokeballs and 7 greatballs on catching my Giratina).

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Q: What is the best pokeball to catch Giratina?
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How can i catch Giratina?

throw a pokeball

What is the best pokeball to catch suicine with?

the best pokeball to catch suicune with is a great ball

What do you do in turn back cave?

in dimond/pearl you catch giratina 70. platnuim its for the orgin form of giratina its in a pokeball and you can explore and that's all

Catch Giratina easily?

well idk ur idea of easy, i caught him with a pokeball, its possible.

How do you catch a Giratina without any kind of poke ball?

you cant you need to use some kind of pokeball

Which pokeball is best for catching metang?

Just be paitent and catch it with a pokeball!

What is the best pokeball to catch Articuno?


What pokeball should you use to catch Giratina?

Using a Master ball would be the best answer but if you don't have any lowering it down as much as possible and using an Ultra ball may give you a chance

In Pokemon platinum which pokeball do you use to catch Giratina?

use amaster ball or an ultra ball(I think premier ball also works)

What pokeball do you use to catch moltres?

Any pokeball will work but an ultra ball is probably best.

Which pokeball is the best to catch monferno?

you can't catch monferno wild you have to evolve it from a chimchar

What is the best pokeball to catch rigice in?

you use a timer ball