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well i did some research and foud this hope it helps enjoy

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That's all no lie tested and works and I'm not sure if you save using this code keeps your Pokemon shiny or not so use at your own risk when saving...

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Q: What is the AR code to make the Pokemon in you box shiny in Pokemon diamond?
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Is there a AR code for Pokemon diamond to make all Pokemon in box shiny?


What is the cheat code to make your Pokemon shiny on Diamond?

it should already be on your AR. go down the list to shiny Pokemon. then all Pokemon will be shiny you meet

Cheat code to make Shiny Pokemon ordinary in Pokemon diamond?

There isn't one. Im sorry.

What is an action replay code that will only make the Pokemon in your party shiny Pokemon diamond?

there is no code that does that but if you have one type on google POKESAV

Is there a Pokemon diamond code to make all Pokemon from eggs shiny I don't need the code that makes every Pokemon you see shiny I just want one where every egg you hatch it's shiny permanently?

No those are all lies. There is no code that could make you Pokemon or your egg that hatch to be shiny permanently.

What is the AR cheat code to make your Pokemon shiny even if the code is turned off on Pokemon diamond?

What you are saying is the "Permanent" shiny Pokemon code, which is not available, but the code for temporary code is available. Go onto a website to look for codes like the "shiny" code or onto Youtube.

What is the ar code for Pokemon diamond to make wild Pokemon permanatly shiny?

Maybe. But I know there is a gameshark one. .......

How do you make a Pokemon shiny on Pokemon Diamond?

you cant MAKE a Pokemon shiny you have to catch it shiny. You can either chain Pokemon with the pokeradar or you can buy an action replay and add the shiny all Pokemon shiny code to it.I bought a n action replay ar for short or could by R4 card and download the diamond version pres secret buttom & cheat :)

How do you get Pokemon to stay shiny in Pokemon Diamond?

What do you mean how do you make a shiny Pokemon stay shiny if you get a shiny Pokemon it stays shiny ok!

How do you get some Rae Pokemon on Pokemon Diamond?

catch them or if u want codes? check them on Google, type in "wild Pokemon modifier code" then u can use that to make any1 appear, i used this code with my shiny code and i can make any1 appear and shiny

How do you make Pokemon shiny in Pokemon saffhire?

You cannot make the Pokemon shiny, except for an action replay code, you must capture one. You cannot make the Pokemon shiny, except for an action replay code, you must capture one.

How do you make a normal Pidgeot turn into a shiny Pidgeot in Pokemon FireRed and Diamond?

You don't. If a Pokemon is shiny, it remains shiny forever. If it isn't shiny, it will never be.