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well for me id say a shiny starly in Pokemon diamond is about a 50 50 chance unless you make ur starly shiny

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Q: What is the chance that you can see a shiny starly in Pokemon Diamond verson?
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How do you get celeb in Pokemon diamond verson?

i don't think you can without the Pokemon modifier code

How do you get a cinterquil on Pokemon Diamond?

pal park u will need a game boy Pokemon verson to trade then u can get to pal park

How do you copy Pokemon in Diamond verson?

the only way that i know is if you have the Pokemon diamond ROM where you save the .sav file twice then trade off that game then overwrite the new.sav file with the old one

Where is Mr Pokemon on Solesilver verson?

Route 30

You forgot where the hm strength is in Pokemon diamond verson?

You can find HM Strength south of Soleacon Town at the top of the Lost Tower. One of 2 ladies at the top gifts you with this.

Can you get snorunt in Pokemon emerald verson?

Yes in shoal cave.

Where to get the rainbow badge in Pokemon Red verson?

At celadon city.

How much do Pokemon black verson and Pokemon white verson book cost?

On amazon the hand book is $7.99 the strategy guide is $19.22. At wall-mart the guide book is $19.96.

Is Pokemon geritena in diamond verson?

Yes you can. You have to beat the game and at route 214 spring path will open and in the spring path there is a cave called Turn Back cave and somewhere in there will be Giratina.

Where is the best spot to train my Pokémon in Pokémon Peral verson?

where there are Pokemon close to the level as your Pokemon

Can you catch Darkrai in pokemon white verson by reguler gameplay?

No, you will have to get it from Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum. Or you could just trade with a Generation V game (so far only Pokémon Black & White).

How do you get Pokemon Espeon in blue verson?

Pokemon blue is a 1st generation game. Espeon is a second generation pokemon. This means it didn't exist in blue.