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it should already be on your AR. go down the list to shiny Pokemon. then all Pokemon will be shiny you meet

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Q: What is the cheat code to make your Pokemon shiny on Diamond?
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What is the code for Pokemon diamond that allows you to get shiny Pokemon?

There is no cheat I no from experens

In pokemon diamond does the ar code for shiny egg allow the pokemon to always stay shiny after it hatches?

Use the shiny Pokemon cheat code. That keeps the Pokemon that hatches shiny.

Is there a cheat code in Pokemon diamond that all Pokemon have to be shiny?

the wild Pokemon are shiny code is on my web site here's the link

What is the cheat code for shiny pokemon on diamond?

Pokemon platinum, pearl and diamond have no built in cheat codes so there is no so called cheats, but if you have Action Replay it comes with a built in all shiny code. Hope this Helps

Cheat code to make Shiny Pokemon ordinary in Pokemon diamond?

There isn't one. Im sorry.

What is the shiny cheat code for Pokemon diamond with an action replay on DS?

12068ac6 000056c0 Are you sure man?

What is the AR cheat code to make your Pokemon shiny even if the code is turned off on Pokemon diamond?

What you are saying is the "Permanent" shiny Pokemon code, which is not available, but the code for temporary code is available. Go onto a website to look for codes like the "shiny" code or onto Youtube.

What is the shiny Pokemon cheat for diamond or pearl?

its actually pretty easy just go on your actipn replayer click the add code buttun spell shiny Pokemon after that click next then just put this code on and every Pokemon will be shiny. 12068AC6 000046C0

How can you get a shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Pearl?

You have to use cheat code.

How do you make a Pokemon shiny on Pokemon Diamond?

you cant MAKE a Pokemon shiny you have to catch it shiny. You can either chain Pokemon with the pokeradar or you can buy an action replay and add the shiny all Pokemon shiny code to it.I bought a n action replay ar for short or could by R4 card and download the diamond version pres secret buttom & cheat :)

What cheat code is to get a thunder stone in Pokemon shiny gold?

the code do be for gold shiny thunder stone cheat am 9001

Is there a cheat code for shiny Pokemon?

Yes, and you have to buy a cheat code thing to activate that.