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Shiny Pokemon weren't invented until Generation II of Pokemon. So there is no shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Yellow!

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Q: Shiny Pokemon cheat code for Pokemon Yellow?
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How can you get a shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Pearl?

You have to use cheat code.

In pokemon diamond does the ar code for shiny egg allow the pokemon to always stay shiny after it hatches?

Use the shiny Pokemon cheat code. That keeps the Pokemon that hatches shiny.

What cheat code is to get a thunder stone in Pokemon shiny gold?

the code do be for gold shiny thunder stone cheat am 9001

Is there a cheat code for shiny Pokemon?

Yes, and you have to buy a cheat code thing to activate that.

What is the code for Pokemon diamond that allows you to get shiny Pokemon?

There is no cheat I no from experens

How do you get the shiny code for i-cheat?

type St67 then write the Pokemon code you had after it with no spaces ( edit codes to find it ) then you will find shiny Pokemon of your choice

Is there a cheat code in Pokemon diamond that all Pokemon have to be shiny?

the wild Pokemon are shiny code is on my web site here's the link

Pokemon Platinum cheat code for all Pokemon shiny?

the wild Pokemon are shiny code is on my web site here's the link

Is there a cheat code to encounter any pokemon in pokemon yellow?

Yes there is. But, you have to type in every single pokemon cheat code.

What is the cheat code to make your Pokemon shiny on Diamond?

it should already be on your AR. go down the list to shiny Pokemon. then all Pokemon will be shiny you meet

Code for light Pokemon for platinum?

light Pokemon- none. Shiny Pokemon there's a cheat...

Is there a cheat code to get a water type Pokemon in yellow?

no people there is no cheat code for these games!!