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What do you mean how do you make a shiny Pokemon stay shiny if you get a shiny Pokemon it stays shiny ok!

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Q: How do you get Pokemon to stay shiny in Pokemon Diamond?
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If a shiny Pokemon is migrated from emerald to diamond does it stay shiny?

No matter what Pokemon it is and if it is shiny it will stay shiny if you trade it or migrate it, trust me i know i traded my shiny banette to Pokemon xd and its still shiny.

Action replay codes for diamond have shiny Pokemon that stay shiny forever?


If a shiny Pokemon is transferred from diamond to battle revolution does it stay shiny?

yes it still stays shiny

In pokemon diamond does the ar code for shiny egg allow the pokemon to always stay shiny after it hatches?

Use the shiny Pokemon cheat code. That keeps the Pokemon that hatches shiny.

How do you undo the shiny Pokemon code in Pokemon diamond?

the Pokemon you made shiny is gonna stay that way forever, but you could erase the code and never use it again.

Where do you get shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond?

Shiny Pokemon can be anywhere, it is just very rare.

Do any Pokemon trainers have shiny Pokemon on diamond?


How do you find shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

To get a shiny Pokemon try using the poke radar

How can you get a shiny Pokemon on Pokemon Diamond?

luck You CAN get shiny Pokemon WITHOUT a full Pokedex(I have done it :P)

How do you get permenet shiny pokemon in diamond?

Once you find a Shiny Pokemon just catch it and it remains Shiny forever.

What's the code for all shiny Pokemon for Pokemon Diamond?

the code for all shiny Pokemon is : 12068ac6 000046c0 you don't have to do anything special for the cheat, all you have to do is put in your action replay (with the code on)in and play your pearl/diamond and poof! there you have it. But it won't stay on if you don't have action replay on or it won't stay even if you trade it! Happy cheating!

Permanent shiny Pokemon in Pokemon diamonsd?

yes, shiny Pokemon will stay shiny forever, even if they evolve.