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you cant catch it anymore

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Q: What if you make the Pokemon Cresselia faint in Pokemon platinum?
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Does Rotom come back if you make him faint on Pokemon platinum?


On Pokemon Diamond should you use your Master Ball on Mesprit or Cresselia Arecues is not an option?

I think you can use it on Cresselia because if you make Masprite faint in will stop running and you can catch is, but not Cresselia! I haven't figured out how to get arceus yet, sorry!!!

How do you get Zapdos after you make him faint in Pokemon platinum?

how did you get him to faint? any way just keep using the marking map, and you'll find him. i saw him three times!

Members card on Pokemon platinum but you cant get in the hotel?

Make sure you've cured the kid in Canalave city with the Lunar Wing, and fought Cresselia. You have to beat the Pokemon League as well.

How do you kill pyschic Pokemon?

You can't kill Pokemon you can only make them faint. Dark and ghost types would help make them faint.

How do you get to sunnyshore Pokemon platinum?

After you you reached Snowpoint City and beaten the Galactics, you go to the Disortion World and catch or make Giratina faint, you can go to Sunnyshore City.

What stuff in Pokemon Platinum can make your Pokemon love you more?

Here is a list of things: .Not letting it faint in battles, Any Carbos,PP up, HP up, etc., Leveling it up.

How do you get to the PokΓ©mon league in PokΓ©mon black if you faint?

You can't faint in Victory Road and get to the Pokemon league. You have to make it through without fainting

How do you make a Pokemon on Pokemon Platinum?

by breeding an evie

Is it possible to make 200 legendary Pokemon?

No with the only exceptions being heateran and cresselia.

How do you get your Pokemon to get affection on Pokemon on Pokemon volcano?

Feed it Pokeblocks and make sure it doesn't faint in battles.

If you make mesprit faint can you still get it on Pokemon diamond?

No , once it faints , it will not reappear , unless you save the game right before you make it faint .

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