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Well technically, you can't KILL a Pokemon. You can just make it faint. When you make a legendary Pokemon faint, it will be gone until you start a new game.

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Q: What happens if you kill Suicune in heart gold?
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What happens if you kill Suicune on Pokemon FireRed?

Suicune is not on Fire Red, Suicune is only found in Silver, Crystal and Gold versions. Suicune is one of the 3 Legendary Dogs, Entei, Suicune, and Raikou. Once killed the Legendary Dogs are gone forever, so it is important to capture them. They will be a great adaptation to your team.

Pokemon Heart Gold what happens if you kill suicuine?

before u verse it save it then try and everytime u fail reset it

How do you get past the man to the eighth badge in heart gold?

Kill him!

When you kill roming Pokemon on heart gold where do you find them again?

You don't

Where do yu find sucine on Pokemon heart gold ds?

first, go to the burned tower and entei, raikou and suicune will be in there. go to them and the will run away.suicune stays, then leaves. then a man comes and chats with you.entei and raikou rome around and you randomly find suicune through your journey. all i know is that one place that suicune waits at is cianawood city. finally, when your done chasing him around, he will be at curlean cape waiting to battle. that dude talks to you again and lets you catch him. i would save before battling because if you kill him you have to beat the elite four again and chase him again.

Can you get a Suicune on soul silver if you kill it?

yes but you have to beat the elite 4 and ash again

Can you get a suicune if you kill it?

no, once you defeat any of the roaming legendary, they are gone for the game. WRONG! wrong, you can get Suicune i saw it if you defeat Suicune you can find it in the burned tower my friend showed 5 ppl and it is true. i could not believe it but its true. step one:if you defeat Suicune go to the burned tower. step two:solve the way step three: battle Suicune Its is the same with Entei and Raikou

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When was Kill from the Heart created?

Kill from the Heart was created in 1983.

Where is the black cape dude on Pokemon heart gold?

He wont appear until you kill/catch the red GYRADOS in the middle of the lake of rage.

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