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go to mr. pokemon's house and trade it for a exp. share

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Q: What do you do with the red scale in Pokemon Crystal?
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Experience share in Pokemon Crystal?

You give the red scale from the shiny gyarados to mr Pokemon

What do you use red scale for in Pokemon Crystal?

Mr pokemons house for exp.share

Where do you get a EXP Share in Crystal version?

Trade the red scale to mr pokemon

Is there a exp share in Pokemon Crystal?

Yes. Give a red scale to Mr. Pokemon and he will give you EXP Share.

What is the red scale for in crystal?

Its A Red slace that MR Pokemon wants.He want to trade a red slace for Exp share

Where can you get exp share in Pokemon gold silver and crystal?

You trade the red scale to Mr.Pokemon for the EXP Share. You get the red scale from the red Gyrados in the Lake of Rage. Hope it helped. =D

Where do you get exp all in crystal version?

if you mean exp. share the catch the red gyrados and trade the red scale to mr Pokemon

Where do you get EXP share in Crystal version?

After fighting the red Gyarados at the Lake of Rage, you will get a Red Scale. You need to take this scale to Mr Pokemon on Route 30 (North of Cherrygrove City). He will trade the Experience Share item for your Red Scale.

Can I get Zapdos in Pokemon Crystal?

It is not available in Pokemon Crystal. You will need to trade for it from Pokemon Red, Blue, or Yellow.

Can you trade Pokemon Crystal to Pokemon fire red?


How do you get Mewtwo in Pokemon Crystal?

trade it from red,blue, or yellowMewtwo is not catchable in the wild in Pokemon Crystal.

Can you trade from crystal to red in Pokemon?

Yes but don't trade pokemon only from crystal to red for example don't trade a lugia in red or else ur game will get messed up but u can trade any other pokemon that were in red from ur crystal