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if you mean exp. share the catch the red gyrados and trade the red scale to mr Pokemon

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Q: Where do you get exp all in crystal version?
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Where do you get a EXP Share in Crystal version?

Trade the red scale to mr pokemon

When you have captured fifty Pokemon what does exp all do on yellow version?

I think it spreads exp through all of your party Pokemon

Is there a exp share in Pokemon Crystal?

Yes. Give a red scale to Mr. Pokemon and he will give you EXP Share.

How do you get strength on crystal version?

u complet all the gims and get it

Where are all of the 8 gyms in Kanto in crystal version?

In Kanto.

Where can you get Exp All in Pokemon Pearl?

how to get shining Pokemon on pearl vershow can you get shining Pokemon in pearl version

Do Pokemon get exp points in battle tower of Pokemon Crystal?


How do you get all three starter Pokemon in crystal version?

you'll needcheats.

How do you trade Pokemon from gold version to crystal version?

If you can trade Pokemon from crystal version to gold version my guess is yes

Where you can catch registeel in crystal version?

Registeel doesn't exist in crystal version.

How do you trade from crystal to crystal?

To trade Pokemon from Pokemon Crystal version to another version of Crystal you need to use a link cable. You can also battle this way.

What do you do with the red scale in Pokemon Crystal?

go to mr. pokemon's house and trade it for a exp. share