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I can't answer until you tell me exactly which legendary you want.

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Q: What codes give you legendary Pokemon in white version?
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Can you catch the legendary in Pokémon Black In Pokémon White?

In Pokemon Black Version the legendary is Reshiram and Pokemon White its Zerkrom.The only way to get both is to transfer Zerkrom to Pokemon Black Version or Reshiram to Pokemon White Version.

How many legendarys are in Pokemon white?

There are 26 legendary Pokemon in Pokemon black/white version.

What legendary in Pokemon Black and White?

The white legendary Pokémon is Reshiram, while the black legendary Pokémon is Zekrom. You can get Zekrom in the White version while you can get Reshiram in the Black Version.

What legendary Pokemon can you find after you beat the Pokemon league in Pokemon white?

on pokemon black version u get the legendary pokemon reshiram!(sry if its spelt wrong) and in white u get zekrom! u get the legendary after u defet the pokemon ledge.

What is the name of the legendary Pokemon in the white version?

i have Pokemon white, its zekrom electric dragon 2nd in ranking of 649 Pokemon of all games.

How do you enter cheat codes for Pokemon white version?


Is Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Darkness the newest Pokemon?

no it is not infact Pokemon black and white have the fifth edition of Pokemon the two legendary are cool take a look! the white version legendary is stronger than the black version legendary 2nd answer: pay attention to the first answer but please not that the gray legendary is the strongest of all (excluding arceus) it can absurd both the black dragon AND the white dragon.

Can you find the white orb in Pokemon White?

No. its is like pearl and diamond where you can only get one of the other depending on the version. on Pokemon white you get the black orb so you can get the legendary Zekrom, on Pokemon black you get the white orb so you can get the legendary Reshiram.

What are all the non-legendary dragon Pokemon in white version?

Axew, Fraxure, Haxorus Druddigon

What legendary Pokemon is in the back of the great casum in Pokemon white version?

Kyurem is found in the deepest part of Giant Chasm.

Do Pokemon Black and White action replay codes work on Pokemon Diamond?

No, each game version is unique and require differnet codes. if you need codes for Pokemon Diamond just Google it.

Where do you get a legendary Pokemon in undella bay in Pokemon white?

There is no legendary Pokemon in Undella Bay.