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Pokemon Number 149 (Dialga) Cannot be found in Pokemon Pearl, he is only available in Pokemon Diamond, where as Number 150 (Paulkia) cannot be found in Pokemon Diamond. If you need to fill the spot to complete the PokeDex, you can see #149 from a lady in Celestic Town.

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Q: Where do you find number 149 in Pokemon Pearl?
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What Pokemon is number 149 in pearls pokedex?

Dialga is # 149 in the pearl pokedex

In Pokemon Pearl what is number 149 in the pokedex?


Where to find pokemon 149 on pearl?

You'll need to evolve Dragonair to get Dragonite (#149)

What is Pokemon number 149 on Sinnoh pokedex on pearl?

it is dialga

What Pokemon is number 149 in the Sinnoh pokedex in Pokemon Diamond?

In Diamond & Pearl's version of the Sinnoh Dex, Pokémon #149 is Dialga.

What is 149 in Pokemon Pearl?


Where can you find Pokemon 149 in pearl?

In Pokemon pearl, Pokemon 149 is Dialga. After you've beaten the Elite four, fly to Celestic town, and got to the big house at the north end of the town. Look in the book on the table, and you should see Dialga in there!

What pokemon in the Sinnoh dex is 149?

Number 149 happens to be Dialga, the legendary time pokemon

In Pokemon pearl what Pokemon is number 149?

I believe that Pokemon is Dialga I.E the Pokemon on the cover of Pokemon Diamond Hope that helped =] it cant be dialga because dialga is in Pokemon diamond the answer is manaphy It is dialga because you have pearl, if was diamond then it would be palkia. To get the 149 you have to go to professor oak after beating the champ and go to the old lady in celestic town and read what she tells you then go back to pr. and you'll get the national dex. p.s. you don't ever get to acualy catch it you just read the discreption, you can trade for no. 149 though.

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What Pokemon is 149 in the pokedex in pearl?

dragonite is in the national dex dialga is in the original dex