What berrys restore pp in Pokemon?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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no berries

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Q: What berrys restore pp in Pokemon?
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Where are pp max in Pokemon platinum?

Pp max are items you use to restore your pp if it's low or not sure if you can buy them but I'm positive it will restore your pokemons pp fully

What do max ethers do on Pokemon diamond?

they fully restore the pp for one move

How do you restore PP in Pokemon diamond?

You can use elixirs, max elixers, and leppa berries.

Pokemon platinum how to get cp to spend outside?

you can't because cp are used to heal and restore pp of your Pokemon and you can only use it in battle castle.

What is the best item Pokemon?

Lucky egg, hp up, protein, iron, zinc, carbos, calcium, pp up, pp max, max revive, full restore.

Can you buy a PP restore on Pokemon Diamond?

sadly no, ether, max ether, elixir, and max elixir, all pp gainers are not sold in the pokemarket, you have to find it with the dowsing machine

Is there anything you can buy to restore PP in Pokemon leafgreen if so where?

eithers restore pp, u cant buy them anywhere that i no of, u find them in grassy areas though, if u see wat looks like a pokeball in the grass it is an item, it mite be an either.

Are there any cheats to defeat champ in Pokemon pearl?

not sure,but you don't need one.1.berry a few leppa berrys.2.bury the berrys from those plants and keep doing this until you have about 25-30 of them.3.go battle them with LOTS of full restores/max potion and use the leppa berrys when you run low on PP.4.WIN!

What can you use to restore your pp in firered?

You can use Ethers and Elixers. I think Ethers restore one move's PP by 10, and Elixers restore 10 PP for all moves. I'm not real sure, though. I never really use them.

Pokemon crater-battlearena how to feed Pokemon berrys?

you can't

In Pokemon sapphire what city can you get a pp restore from?

There is no item called PP restore. The items that restore PP, Ether and Elixir and their upgrades, aren't for sale anywhere, but you can find it all over the ground. The Leppa Berry also restores 10PP. I recommend farming Leppa Berries, as that's the only way to have a limitless supply of PP-restoring items. Also, equipping a Leppa restores 10PP to the move that reaches 0PP first without costing you a turn, which is pretty neat.

Where can you buy pp ups on Pokemon Platinum?

You can not get PP ups in Pokemon platinum.