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You can not get PP ups in Pokemon platinum.

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Q: Where can you buy pp ups on Pokemon Platinum?
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Where can you buy pp up Pokemon Platinum?

You cannot buy PP Ups or Elixirs/Ethers in Pokemon Platinum. You can find them around the map, however.

Where are all the pp ups on Pokemon Platinum?

You need to find them or buy them at Veilstone City.

How do you raise pp in Pokemon platinum?

you find pp ups throughout your adventure

How do you get pp ups in Pokemon White?

You can buy pp ups at the Shopping Mall 9 on Route 9.

Where can you buy PP up in Pokemon ruby?

The Energy Guru at the outdoor market in Slateport city sells carbos, zinc, iron,etc. but he does not sell PP ups or HP ups. Basically, you cannot buy PP ups or HP ups

Where do you find or buy pp ups in Pokemon pearl?

You can win them in the lottery in Juniville city.

Were to buy pp up in Pokemon white?

You cannot buy them but im sure you can trade star pieces for PP-ups to a guy in Anville town on weekends

Where are pp max in Pokemon platinum?

Pp max are items you use to restore your pp if it's low or not sure if you can buy them but I'm positive it will restore your pokemons pp fully

What is pp up?

pp ups are things that put you're Pokemon's pp up

Where are all the PP ups in Pokemon platinum?

you can get some at veistone dep. store The guy above me is wrong. You cannot get them there, however you can get hp up's there.

Where can you fing pp ups in Pokemon platinum?

yes. Outside of the Pokeathlon Dome, in the far right corner at the athlete shop you can buy PP Ups for 1000 points each (only on Tuesdays and Thursdays). to earn points, just compete in Pokeathlon events.

Where do they sell pp ups on Pokemon black?