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you can't

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Q: Pokemon crater-battlearena how to feed Pokemon berrys?
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How do you make riolu happy?

feed him his fav berrys

What berrys restore pp in Pokemon?

no berries

How can you get all the berrys in Pokemon emerald?

You go find them

How do you save the cow in Pokemon soul silver?

you have to hav like 12 oran berrys or 15 oran berrys! the way i did it is by buying a action replay cheat code for 900x per all berrys! so good luck!from, ur Pokemon masterPokemon master123

How do you catch berrys on Pokemon FireRed?

You pick em up in the berry forest

How do you give your partner Pokemon health and berrys in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon blue Rescue Team?

You have to turn them into the leader (You!) first.

When is berrys birthday from Pokemon?

His name is actually spelled Barry, His birthday is August 15th

How do you get a Pokémon's to listen to you in Pokémon Pearl?

if you have traded for a Pokemon that is higher than certain levels, you will be unable to control it until you have the correct gym badges. Also if you feed it stuff like berrys, potions, zinc, carbos, poffins in platinum

Pokemon emerald berries which make the beauty of the Pokemon higher?

The berry type that will make beauty go up are all dry berrys.

What berrys evolve feebas?

Ganlon Berries use these in the berry blender feed the pokeblock to feebas then level it up to evolve it.

What kind of meats do groundhogs eat?

groundhogs usally always feed on vegetation,berrys grasses,flowers,corn,etc

How to find a surfboard in Pokemon platinum?

you can find the surfboard by trading alot of berrys in the flower shop in floaroma town.