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yes but not if you give in freidship berrys or a sooth bell

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Q: Does it take a long time to make P.okemon happy in Pokemon platinum?
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How i get epseon on Pokemon platinum?

get an eevee then make it happy in the afternoon or morning only then level it.

How do you make Pokemon happy in Pokemon Platinum?

The way I do it is by giving the Pokemon you want happy a sooth bell, this will make the Pokemon grow happy fast. Then every day give the Pokemon a message at Veliston (spelling?). Also make sure that it's the first Pokemon in your party and never put in the PC boxes.

What level does budew evolve in Pokemon Platinum?

You'll need to make it happy at day time.

How do you get happiness in Pokemon Platinum?

you have to move around with the Pokemon that you want to make happy in the first in the party. You can also feed Poffins or berries.

How Do You Capture Blissey In Pokemon Platinum?

You don't, you level up a Chansey while it's holding a soothebell to make it happy.

Where can you see an umbreon on Pokemon platinum?

On Route 212, a trainer has it. That is, if you just want to see it to complete the dex. There is no where to catch it on platinum, though. You'll have to make an eevee happy at night to make it evolve into an umbreon.

What is a good way to make your Pokemon happy on Pokemon platinum?

You should give them poffins to evolve a riolu which you get on iron island. Hope that helped. PS. you make poffins in hearthome city in a house.

Is there an AR code for Pokemon Platinum to have all 493 Pokemon?

sadly no, it would make your lives a whole lot easier though!, but you have to do every single Pokemon modifier code to do this, happy catching!

How do you make a Pokemon on Pokemon Platinum?

by breeding an evie

How can you make a Pokemon happy in Pokemon Pearl?

You can make it happy by treating it to spa.

How do you evolve eevee into umbreon on Pokemon platinum?

You train it at night and try to make it as happy as possible. I would recommend using the exp. share.

How do you get Crobat in platinum?

you make your golbat happy ;)