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Just use them alot in battle and give them good berries and that should make them happy

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2009-05-29 15:12:40
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Q: How do you make Pokemon happy in Pokemon Silver?
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How do you make your Pokemon happy in Pokemon HeartGold soul silver?

Give it rare candies, walk with it. Talk to it. Use of it makes it friendlier.

How can you make a Pokemon happy in Pokemon Pearl?

You can make it happy by treating it to spa.

How do you tell how happy your Pokemon is in soul silver?

talk to its and sometimes it does a happy face but it depends which place your in

How do you make Pokemon happy in Pokemon Diamond?

You can make it happy by training it a whole lot. usually it takes a Pokemon 20-30 LVs to be fully happy.

How do you make Pokemon happy on Pokemon indigo?

you have to run around with it lots. also battle with it. those two things make Pokemon happy.

Do rare candys make Pokemon happy?

Yes but it shouldn't make you happy.

Can calcium make a Pokemon happy?

yes. any vitamins for your Pokemon make them happy. there is also leveling up, walking 100 steps, and massages that make them happy too

How do you make Pichu happy in Pokemon soul silver?

if your trying to make pichu envolve you need to walk around with him and iteract with him and you need to battle with him and give him a sooth bell

What make a Pokemon fan happy?

Buy him a pokemon game

In Pokemon Crystal Silver and Gold where is that girl that tells you if your Pokemon is happy or sad?

above the bike shop in goldenrod

What moves should i make my Pokemon keep in Pokemon silver?

Depends on which Pokemon

How do you make Pokemon happy in Pokemon Platinum?

The way I do it is by giving the Pokemon you want happy a sooth bell, this will make the Pokemon grow happy fast. Then every day give the Pokemon a message at Veliston (spelling?). Also make sure that it's the first Pokemon in your party and never put in the PC boxes.

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