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Just simply talk to it and it will tell you how it feels. To talk to a pokemon, just turn to it and press A.

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Q: How can you tell if your Pokemon is happy in Pokemon soul silver?
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How do you tell how happy your Pokemon is in soul silver?

talk to its and sometimes it does a happy face but it depends which place your in

Which Pokemon did Bill tell his grandad in Pokemon Soul Silver?


How do you get through ice path in Pokemon soul silver?

you tell me?

Which Pokemon does bill tell his grandad about in soul silver?

i dont have a clue

Where do you get the master balls in the department store in Pokemon soul silver?

sorey i can tell you

Where is the second gym leader on Pokemon soul silver?

Bugsy, I think you can tell what type of Pokemon he battles with.

How do you get a Articuno on Pokemon soul silver I know how to get a zapdoes I have 2 If enyone has a Articuno please tell me how u got it on soul silver?

Seafoam Islands

How do you trade the Celebi from soul silver into your Pokemon black or white?

In Castellia there is a guy at a desk on a high floor of one of the buildings. Tell him Everyone Happy, Simple Connection to unlock the relocator

How can you tell if a Pokemon has pokerus on Pokemon soul silver?

click on the pokemons summary in the PC and in purple it should say pkrs.

What are all the Pokemon on Pokemon soul silver?

go on and look at their pokedex. it will tell you all Pokemon from kanto to Iishu (Pokemon black/white)

How can I tell if I have a Pokemon egg in soul silver-does the daycare man call you if there's an egg or do you have to constantly go check on the Pokemon you left there?

You have to call him and he'll tell you.

What do you do after you get the silver wing in Pokemon soul silver?

Go to the silver tower and fight Lugia. If that wont work than go to thr profese and he will tell you what to do.