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click on the pokemons summary in the PC and in purple it should say pkrs.

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Q: How can you tell if a Pokemon has pokerus on Pokemon soul silver?
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Where can you find a wild Pokemon with pokerus in Pokemon Diamond?

you can't really tell if the Pokemon has pokerus i got my pokerus from random battle with a wild Pokemon if have pokerus and you want to spread with the other Pokemon you have will this to do it first put the Pokemon that have pokerus first in your party and the Pokemon you want to have pokerus in the second of your party

Which Pokemon did Bill tell his grandad in Pokemon Soul Silver?


How do you get through ice path in Pokemon soul silver?

you tell me?

Which Pokemon does bill tell his grandad about in soul silver?

i dont have a clue

How can you identify good pokerus from bad pokerus?

There is no bad Pokerus.AnswerIt is very easy to tell the good PokeRus from the bad PokeRus - there is only one kind of PokeRus, and that is the beneficial one. pokerus is good and all it dose is double the evs you get from Pokemon

How can you tell if your Pokemon is happy in Pokemon soul silver?

Just simply talk to it and it will tell you how it feels. To talk to a pokemon, just turn to it and press A.

What is pokerus on Pokemon Pearl?

You know, Pokerus can happen in any version. But anyway pokerus is a virus you can get very rarely from a wild Pokemon.( unfortunatly, you cant tell if the wild Pokemon has the pokerus.) Also you can heal your Pokemon alot of times. Its never happened to my Pokemon before but if you want more info. about it you can buy a Pokemon pearl/diamond guide. that's where I got the info.

Where do you get the master balls in the department store in Pokemon soul silver?

sorey i can tell you

Pokemon Diamond code 4 pokerus in Pokemon Diamond?

There is no code for pokerus, if you use the GTS -Global trade station- In jubilife city, you can leave a pokemon overnight, then when you go back there in the morning, someone may have offered a pokemon for yours. The trade will begin and you'll get the other person's pokemon. THAT POKEMON MAY HAVE POKERUS!!! You won't be able to see it yourself, so as soon as you get the pokemon, go to the pokemon center. If your pokemon has pokerus, Nurse Joy will tell you. POKERUS IS GOOD!!!!!!! It raises your pokemon's stats to the max, and when pokerus goes away, the effects stay!! POKERUS IS CONTAIGUS! Keep changing your party and your pokemon will ALL catch the virus :D Good luck getting pokerus :D

Where is the second gym leader on Pokemon soul silver?

Bugsy, I think you can tell what type of Pokemon he battles with.

How do you get a Articuno on Pokemon soul silver I know how to get a zapdoes I have 2 If enyone has a Articuno please tell me how u got it on soul silver?

Seafoam Islands

How does a Pokemon get pokerus?

You battle any random Pokemon and go to the Pokemon center. After Nurse Joy heals you Pokemon she will tell you that your Pokemon has been infected. Pokerus only lasts for 3 days and when a Pokemon gets it it can't get it again. Pokerus is also highly contagious an will only spreed if it is in your party and it doest spreed if it is in your box.